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Personal Consulting:

Who would like to be coached by someone who has never struggled a day in their life? Could someone like that relate to you? Choose someone who has gone through many of the same struggles you have but are overcoming or working within the limitations of their struggles who can help walk you through your journey of adapting your life to fit your reality, rather than the other way around!

I specialize in finding visual solutions for families as well as those who struggle with working memory and attention span. These systems can be just as useful for a typical person who wants to create lasting change in the most comfortable way they can; by adapting their environment and learning to work with their own mind. 


My coaching philosophy is to gently suggest, but never to intimidate or command. I strive to help my clients come up with creative solutions of their own, and I find joy in teaching that process. My hope is that you will learn skills that will continue to benefit you throughout your life.

Business Consulting:

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